A Finnish hillbilly band - Steve'n' Seagulls - have made a great AC/DC cover.

A Finnish hillbilly band - Steve'n' Seagulls - have made a great AC/DC cover.

Now that's heavy metal!

What happens when you combine a Finnish hillbilly band that use an anvil as a percussion instrument and one of AC/DC's greatest songs? Something truly awesome...check it out for yourself!

Bassett's battle with bullies

The Australian Diamonds Caitlin Bassett struggled with her height and bullying as a child. It is hard to believe that statuesque Australian Netball champion Caitlin Bassett would be anything but confident in her appearance but during her teens she was a target for criticism and bullies. Peter Bell spoke to Caitlin about how she overcame the critics to become who she is today.

An evening with Hoges

Paul Hogan You know him as Mike Dundee, the man born in a cave who always carries a bigger knife! Paul Hogan, the man himself, joined Peter Bell in the studio to discuss his life, and his tour An Evening With Hoges.

Step aside! This is a woman's job

Women are taking up more and more jobs that were once the sole domain of men. Brickies beware! You may need to mind your P's and Q's with more and more women taking up the trowel and throwing down the slurry. Peter Bell spoke to Stacey Rimene (a brickie herself) from Home Group WA about the fall of one of the great male bastions.

Drugged and robbed in NY

Steve Butler from the West Australian newspaper believes he was drugged and mugged in New York. Seasoned journalist Steve Butler believes he was drugged and robbed while covering the New York Marathon for the West Australian newspaper. Peter Bell spoke to Steve about the incident and his attempts to discover the twelve hours he lost in New York.

I want to fight in Perth

Peter Bell and Soa “The Hulk” Palelei. Soa wants to bring a big UFC fight to Perth. Perth’s UFC Heavyweight Soa “The Hulk” Palelei says he wants to bring a big fight to Perth and wants the government to reverse their decision on banning the Octogon cage. Soa was in the 6PR studio with Peter Bell.

Debunking the Mozart myth

Does playing music to your unborn child have any effect? The answer lies here. Click image to listen. When it comes to your baby most parents will try any new fad to give them the best start in life. New research from the Telethon institute has looked at some of the most popular fads for mothers to be and the results are surprising.

Image problems plague children

Children as young as three are becoming concerned about their body image. Author and teacher Di Willcox has raised the issue of children being robbed of their childhood because they are obsessed by their body image. Di spoke to Peter bell about the disturbing trend emerging among girls as young as three.

Losing his way to success

Steve Wallis aka Steve Wallis' brand of tough love has made him a huge success on Channel 10's 'The Biggest Loser' but is there a softer side to his other persona ' The Commando"? Peter Bell spoke to Steve about fame, fortune and the big decision to ditch his trademark sunnies.

Roller Derby goes co-ed

Dan and Mel O'Hara from Swan City Derby joined Peter Bell to talk Roller Derby. The sport of Roller Derby is alive and well in Western Australia and testament to its strength is the fact that it now allows men to roll with the ladies. Peter Bell got the good oil from wife and husband team Mel and Dan O'Hara aka 'Mosh' and 'D.A.N.' from Swan City Derby.

7's stars shine on 6PR

Channel 7's Chris Bath and Jim Wilson in Perth for to spread the Telethon message. Two of Channel Seven's most respected journalists joined Peter Bell to outline this weekends Telethon celebrations. Sports Journalist Jim Wilson and Newsreader Chris Bath spoke with Peter Bell about the 24 hour party that is Perth's own Telethon.

Tina Arena "Reset"

Singer, song writer and writer, Tina Arena joined Peter Bell to discuss her latest creative endeavors. As one of Australia's best known and successful singers Tina Arena’s voice and style are instantly recognisable. She joined Peter Bell to discuss her latest album 'Reset" and her long awaited autobiography 'Now I Can Dance'.

Anna Gare

'The Best Food is Made at Home' author Anna Gare in studio on Afternoons. Celebrity chef Anna Gare joined Peter Bell in studio for what Peter thought was going to be a chat about her new book 'The Best Food Is Made At Home'. But when Anna Gare gets going, quite often the last thing you talk about is cooking. Listen to Anna and Peter here.

Shop often, shop small

Australians are grocery shopping more often and buying smaller amounts according to new research. It would seem that the days of once a week shopping are disappearing as our modern lifestyle and clever marketing send us to the shops on an almost daily basis. Peter Bell spoke to technology expert Dr Gary Mortimer from Queensland University of Technology.

Exorcisms on the rise

A former police chaplain says his services as an exorcist are in increasing demand. A former police chaplain turned exorcist says that the demand for his services to cast out demons from cursed people has increased dramatically in the past few years. Peter Bell spoke to Father Barry May about his experiences casting out demons.

The science of fingerprints

Fingerprint technology may have evolved but is still one of the basic tools of crime fighting. Despite increases in forensic science, fingerprinting is still one of the most reliable tools available to authorities to prove identity and help solve of crimes. Peter Bell spoke to independent fingerprint expert Gordon Kendal about the evolution of fingerprinting.

Why I left the ADF

After 17 years of service Corporal Ben Roberts Smith has left the army to pursue business interests. Corporal Ben Roberts Smith, Australia's most decorated soldier in the modern era, says he struggled for months with the decision to leave the ADF but says he now knows it was the right decision. The Victoria Cross and Medal for Gallantry recipient spoke with Peter Bell.

US government closes down

Closed for business. President Barack Obama has been forced to close down most of the US government. President Barack Obama has ordered the majority of government departments to close down after extreme partisanship between the Democrats and Republicans prevented agreement over healthcare funding. Peter Bell spoke to US correspondent Richard Arnold.

Rebels cross WA border

Headed for Perth. The Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Gang have crossed in to WA on their national run. Around 1000 members of the country's largest outlaw motorcycle club, the Rebels, have crossed the WA border on their national run en route to Perth. Peter Bell spoke to the Manager of the Eucla Motor Hotel Amanda and Linda from the Ceduna Caravan park.

When clean isn't clean.

Even an apparently clean kitchen can harbor some nasty germs according to health experts. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in to the kitchen, health experts have listed 10 items found in even the cleanest kitchens that could cause severe gastric problems. Peter Bell spoke to Professor Charles Watson from John Curtin School of Health Sciences Research.

Suffering in silence

One in five people in Australia suffer from chronic pain, often in silence. One of Australia's leading pain experts says that one in five children under the age of five years suffers in silence with chronic pain because of a stigma attached to pain. Peter Bell spoke to Professor Michael Cousins about suffering ion silence.

Perth Zoo turns 115

The Perth Zoo turns 115 today and Perth Zoo CEO Maria Finnigan explains how times have changed. From humble beginnings, 115 years ago today, the Perth Zoo has grown in to one of the most successful conservation focused zoos in the world. Peter Bell spoke to Acting Perth Zoo CEO Maria Finnigan about how the focus and direction of the zoo has changed over the years.

Aussie sets flight record

Aviator Ryan Campbell has become the youngest person to fly solo around the world. A teenager from Wollongong has set a record by being the youngest person to fly solo around the world in a single engine aircraft. Ryan Campbell, 19, spoke to Peter Bell about spending 10 weeks navigating 14 different countries with a staggering 200 hours in the air.

Coffee stereotypes

90 per cent of Australians drink coffee. According to the DeLonghi National Coffee Report, what coffee you drink can say a lot about the type of person you are. The report found latte drinkers are high-maintenance, while flat white consumers are plain and boring. Peter Bell chatted with DeLonghi’s Karina Darling.

Leaving the Ballet behind

Tony Hadley has left the ballet behind as he heads to Perth for a performance later this month. Spandau Ballet lead singer Tony Hadley is coming to Perth for a special event at the Astor theater where he will sing with the support of a full orchestra. Peter Bell caught up with the man who unleashed hits like Gold and True and pioneered the new romantic music movement.

Robots want your job

Robots are set to replace 50% of jobs we do in the next 10 years. Do you think your job will be safe? Listen here to find out. New research has predicted that in the next 10 years 50% of jobs that exist today will be done by robots. What does this mean to you? Do you wish a robot would do your job now? Peter Bell spoke to social researcher Peter McCrindle from McCrindle Research.

More than a mailbox

Do you have a leterbox that stands out from the brick and tile crowd? Send us a snapshot via web@6pr.com.au For some homeowners the humble letterbox is much more than a just a place to dump catalogues and junk mail. For them it is a chance to break free of the increasingly bland suburban landscape. Kate Dyer is documenting the great Australian letterbox and want to hear from you.

Perth man leads Orang-utan rescue

A Perth man is leading the charge to save the Orang-utan. Perth veterinarian turned filmmaker Stephen Van Mil is leading the charge to save the Orang-utan from extinction. Peter Bell spoke to Stephen about his plans to raise money to buy tracts of land in Borneo where the species can be protected.

Hand-holding debate

Tony Abbott holding hands with his daughters at the Official Launch of the Federal campaign in Victoria in June. Tony Abbott has been photographed holding hands with his daughter. Peter spoke to Prof Bruce Robinson, author of Father in the Fast Lane and Daughters and their Dads about whether many adult daughters would hold their fathers' hands.

A steaming cup of... coffee?

The Black Ivory Coffee Company. The Black Ivory Coffee Company Ltd in Northern Thailand produces coffee from Arabica coffee beans consumed by elephants and collected from their feces. Peter Bell spoke to Blake Dinkin from Black Ivory Coffee about their interesting blend.

Celebrating the Forgotten Child

Monday was National Middle Child Day. Monday was National Middle Child Day. Peter Bell spoke to Michael Grose, author of Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change it. Michael explains middle child syndrome and how birth order can shape your child’s personality.

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Peter Bell's Modern Poetry

Peter Bell Following on in the memory of one of his boyhood heroes, William Shakespeare, Peter Bell is continuing to fill the world with wonderful poetry. Lacking the skills of the great bard Belly has decided to give substance to modern pop songs by re-invigorating them in 'Belly's Modern Poetry".