6PR - Saturday

12am - 11:45pm 

6PR Perth Weekends

6PR Perth Weekends

6PR Program Guide - Saturday


12am - 5am - Perth Overnight with Tony Serve  

5am - 6am – Boat, Dive and Fishing Show with Karl Langdon

6am - 8am – Weekend Wake-up with Darren de Mello and Sue McDougall

8am - 9am – Weekend Wake-up - Talking Gardening with Sue McDougall

9am - 10am – Talking Property with Harvey Deegan

10am – 12midday – Saturday morning at the football with Karl Langdon, Brad Hardie and Kim Hagdorn

12pm - 8pm – AFL Coverage including Bouncing Around with Peter Vlahos*

8pm - 12midnight – Saturday Nights with Tony McManus

*AFL coverage and timings varies each week.

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