Councils cash in on Chaos

Angry commuters have expressed their outrage at councils issuing $100 parking fines to people who park on streets near full 'Park 'n Ride' facilities. Paul Murray investigated listeners calls for the councils to stop issuing fines until new facilities are finished.

Jon-Paul Guy is a resident one of Perth's southern suburbs and has been caught out for parking on the street near a full park and ride facility at Cockburn Central.


6PR's Lisa Barnes investigated the claims of Jon-Paul by visiting the area herself during peak hour and reporting back to Paul Murray. What she descovered was a scene that appeared worse than what Mr Guy had discribed as she was approached by several commuters complaining of the same problems.


Lisa Dixon called in to Prove that the over-crowding of the 'Park and Ride'facilities was not isolated to the southern suburbs and the Joondalup council was also insensitive to the problem, issuing fines liberally each day.


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