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Paul Murray: Profile

Paul Murray

Since making the move to 6PR's Drive program Paul Murray has been relentless in cutting through the political polly-waffle and the bureaucratic claptrap to hit at the heart of issues both locally and nationally. If the issue seems too big to understand or handle then Paul Murray is the man to listen to to find out what is happening and how it affects you.


Before rejoining 6PR in 2011

Paul has been a contributor to 6PR’s Breakfast Program and a columnist and specialist writer with The West Australian Newspaper. He is one of Perth’s most well-known journalists and broadcasters and is renowned for his fearless reportage and analysis of State and Federal politics.  He was formerly Editor of The West Australian for ten years from 1990 to 2000.

Paul promises Perth’s most comprehensive coverage of the issues and news stories that affect our listeners and looks forward to entertaining and provoking on 6PR in 2011.


Email: paul@6pr.com.au
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SMS: 19 999 677
Producer: Andrew Williams
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