Bob Cooper's Survival Blanket

WA's survival expert, Bob Cooper has created a blanket that could help those stranded in the bush and it has a simple message.

Tips for your next move from has the tools and data to make sure your next move is a good move.

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The lady who's cloning her dog

Dolly, the world's first cloned animal, in 1997 aged seven months.

A Brisbane lady is spending more than $100,000 to have her precious pooch cloned.

Should you rinse before you wash?

Should you rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher

Rinsing your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher could be making your dish detergent less effective according to a report, but Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has other thoughts.

The Lighthouse Girl makes her way to Perth

The Gap and Natural Bridge at Torndirrup National Park, Albany WA.

The ANZAC story that was brought to life by roaming giants in Perth two years ago is being brought to life again in the stage production of The Lighthouse Girl.

Geoscientists Rock

Elephant Rocks near Walpole and Denmark Western Australia.

We built this city on rocks that don't roll and that's why geoscientists are important and this Sunday the world will be celebrating International Geoscientists Day.

Help for first time job seekers

Help for first time job seekers

First time job seekers could land a job with a few simple steps according to a people management specialist.

Perth actor in prison...on TV

Australian TV Show Wentworth is about to launch a third season.

Photo courtesy of Fremantle Media

A Perth actor has found her place in prison… but in the new series of Wentworth. She has also playing a role in the new biopic about Aussie icon, Olivia Newton-John.

The Vikings are here!

Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok, left, and his on-screen brother, Rollo, played by Clive Standen, star in <i>Vikings</i>.

Vikings has become a hit TV show around the world, drawing on real events of the past to create an entertaining, and violent, look of history and one of the stars of the show is hit the shores of WA.

Phone to help hearing impaired

Man with hearing aid ghcb

A home phone has been developed to help those who are hard of hearing to communicate more efficiently than on a regular phone.

Talking teeth with Dr Golestani

Got a question for the dentist?

Whether you need dentures, implants, or a simple checkup - there's no dental question too tough for Dr Hooman Golestani!

How to deal with procrastination

If there are multiple sofas in the same room, it's best to organise them in an L-shape configuration.

Every fortnight Simon Beaumont speaks with professional organiser, Carolyn Verhoef, from Outside the Box Organising Solutions about how to get organised at the home, office or for a certain event. Join the conversation every second Monday at 12:30pm.

Greedy Smith: Mental As Anything

Mental As Anything lead singer, Greedy Smith, says his life in a share flat was not something to be desired.

Mental As Anything has been sharing their unique sound with Aussie music lovers for a few decades and they are back in Perth now.

Dr Anh answers your questions!

The most common overnight procedures are childbirth, rehabilitation, and knee replacements.

From birth marks, to scarring, tattoo removal and thread lifts... there was no question too hard for cosmetic surgeon Dr Anh!

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Drummer Dylan Elise (left) and music director / trumpeter Brad Mason (right) of Blood, Sweat and Tears joined Chris ...

The band has delighted music lovers for decades and will entertain the people of Perth later this week!

Comedian Austen Tayshus

Comedian Austen Tayshus.

Aussie comedian Austen Tayshus is travelling around the country to bring back some old school comedy in his 30th anniversary.

Dementia and care

The University of Tasmania's free online course on dementia is one of the top 50 online courses of all time.

Dementia effects many Australian families; our friends from Amana Living in the studio to answer some of the questions about dementia.

Antiques in the outback

One of the unique finds in the Goldfields.

Perth Tonight's resident antiques and collectibles expert brought in a special guest - the star of a new television series!

Pancake Tuesday

Simon Beaumont with Bryan Lu

On Pancake Tuesday, Simon Beaumont thought he would try his hand at pancake making, but his stack was short compared to the professionals.

John Lennon Tour Bus

Brian Rothschild and Simon Beaumont

A New York musician, who has worked with Yoko Ono, is travelling around WA to share his love of music and encourage kids to create their own songs as part of the John Lennon Educational Tour.

How to get your place sorted

clutter clutter.jpg

Every fortnight Simon Beaumont speaks with professional organiser, Carolyn Verhoef, from Outside the Box Organising Solutions about how to get organised at the home, office or for a certain event. Join the conversation every second Monday at 12:30pm.

Former foster helping others

Paul Everall and Jordie Martin

Jordie Martin was a foster care child and is now volunteering as part of the crew on the Leeuwin II and in her first year of university, her and Paul Everall are hoping to raise money for foster carers at a charity golf day.

Lee Holmes_Fast Your Way To Wellness

Lee Holmes_Fast Your Way To Wellness

A local author has encouraged people to hold off on snacking and "fast" our way to wellness. Lee Holmes has put together a collection of low calorie recipes in her new book.


Quinoa crops growing in popularity

Despite the confusion over its pronunciation Quinoa (kin-whah) is becoming a boom crop for WA farmers.

The show must Wiggle on

Who would have thought that a red, yellow or blue skivvy would be as coveted as a green and gold jumper with the Australian crest on it.