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Jason Jordan: Profile

Jason started in radio in 1989, hosting a light-hearted breakfast show with 6PR’s Paul Cook on Rockingham’s 101FM. Within months he had scored a position at “1080AM – The Eagle”. Unfortunately, education took priority over broadcasting so Jason exited the Industry and didn’t return until 2008.


In the meantime, Jason went to University and then worked as an IT Consultant to Large Corporates and Government. After getting tired of dealing with obnoxious bosses, he decided in 2003 to go out on his own and build PCGURU, his own IT Consulting Firm. This was the catalyst for a return to radio when in July of 2008, Bob Maumill asked Jason to do a weekly IT Help segment. This went extremely well and became a very popular part of Bob’s Afternoon Program.


Towards the end of 2008, Jason was asked if he could fill-in for Presenters on leave. Management didn’t have to ask twice! Apart from a brief break in 2010, Jason is now back at 6PR as a Weekend Presenter and regular Technology Contributor to virtually every program on the station!


He’s also regularly seen on Channel 7’s “Sunrise”, Channel 9’s “A Current Affair”, West TV and Sky News as both a Technology Contributor and Social Commentator.


What was your first job?

A Computer Technician in South Perth in the late 80’s. I have hilarious memories of old green screens, huge hard drives with only 20 megabytes of space and horribly slow XT computers running DOS well before Microsoft Windows and the conventional mouse arrived!


What is your favourite on-air moment?

Sitting in for Graham Mabury on Nightline while he was on holidays. The man is a Radio Legend who I listened to as a kid in bed! I was quaking in my boots knowing how big the shoes were that I was expected to fill. Thankfully the audience were extremely kind to me!


What is your most embarrassing on-air moment?

When I first started hosting at 6PR, I was asked to panel (drive the whole studio) for myself. Trying to think on your feet whilst remembering all the right buttons to press and audio levels to keep correct nearly caused me to blown a brain stem. One particular shift I had screwed up 3 or 4 times and then a commercial misfired sending us to News 30 seconds early. I had to go and apologise to the News Reader who probably had a heart attack trying to get into the studio on time!


If you could interview anyone (living or dead) who would it be?

Carl Sagan. The man who changed my perspective on life, the Universe and everything. His documentary “Cosmos” led me to question everything I have ever believed – which I think is a great characteristic for a Talkback Presenter!



Email: jason@6pr.com.au

Twitter: @jasonjordan

Producer: Aine Ryan - aryan@6pr.com.au

Talkback: 08 9221 1882

SMS: 19 999 677