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Prison rehab mystery

Posted by: 6PR | 28 August, 2012 - 5:16 PM
ANCD says WA prisons won't hand over records on drug and alcohol rehab programs.

A new report from the Australian National Council on Drugs has highlighted that WA's prisons need a far greater level of accountability and transparency. ANCD executive director Gino Vumbaca told Howard Sattler his organisation cannot get access to records of drug and alcohol treatment programs so they can't gauge the success of the programs.

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  • This was on the ABC news at six this morning, wasn't it?
    Really, how incisive is this?
    For heaven's sake, hasn't it been mooted that Centrelink will now drug test their "customers" (how on earth one can be a customer when there's not choice is anyone's guess)!
    Actually, they go from prison, to Centrelink. End of story. And back again, probably.

    Dellas Tuesday 28 August, 2012 - 10:04 PM

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