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'Demetriou is a liar': Tania Hird

Posted by: Paul Entwistle | 12 December, 2013 - 9:37 AM
Neil Mitchell says Tania Hird has effectively called Andrew Demetriou a liar.

There is no nice way to put this: Tania Hird is calling Andrew Demetriou a liar.

Tania Hird - James Hird’s wife – yesterday launched her attack in what looked like a staged press conference outside her home.

And she effectively called Andrew Demetriou a liar.

This is why…

LISTEN: What Demetriou said to me when I asked whether James Hird was being paid while suspended

LISTEN: And this is what Tania Hird said yesterday to the Herald Sun

So he says he didn’t know, she says he did know.

Mr Demetirou has declined to speak with me today, but he will issue a statement.

I will read that when I get it.

But I can’t work out what Tania Hird is doing.

Why ignite the whole thing again?

She is a smart person, a qualified lawyer.

She knows what she was doing, so why do it?

And while I admire her loyalty to James, she is totally wrong to portray him as the victim.

James Hird mucked up. He was the man in charge – he agreed himself, he took responsibility.

There was a pharmacological experiment running at the club.

Players were being injected with heaven knows what.

He failed to control that adequately.

James Hird deserved to be condemned for what happened.

He failed in his duty of care to those players.

In my view he got off lightly with a year’s holiday on full pay.

And for Tania Hird to try to paint him as some poor maligned victim shows loyalty, and ignorance.

Former Hawthorn President Jeff Kennett also launched an attack on the AFL commission today.

“I hold the AFL commission absolutely responsible for the administration of their code,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“You have a board in a company, they are responsible for the CEO, they’re responsible for governance and they’ve been involved in this in such a terrible way where they’ve put governance as a second or third order over mates.”

On top of that, Kennett also had some questions about ASADA’s work during the scandal.

“Do you ever wonder why ASADA, which is meant to be the independent authority, has never called Stephen Dank?” He asked.

“I just do not understand, now that’s not an AFL responsibility.

Here we have the biggest scandal, the biggest crisis effecting Australian Rules Football, doping, sports, etc. And the body charged with actually getting to the truth has not even called upon the person who’s alleged to have provided those supplements.”


LISTEN: What Demetriou said to me when I asked whether James Hird was being paid while suspended

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LISTEN: And this is what Tania Hird said yesterday to the Herald Sun

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