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AFL All Australian Team 2012 Predictions

Posted by: Tom Atkinson | 6 September, 2012 - 3:35 PM
2012 All Australian Team

Chose your best 22 from the 40 man squad below.

Patrick Dangerfield, Sam Jacobs, Brent Reilly, Scott Thompson, Taylor Walker.
CAR Eddie Betts.
Dayne Beams, Scott Pendlebury, Dane Swan.
Jobe Watson.
FRE Luke McPharlin, Matthew Pavlich.
GEE Corey Enright, Tom Hawkins, Tom Lonergan, Joel Selwood, Harry Taylor.
GC   Gary Ablett.
HAW Grant Birchall, Lance Franklin, Sam Mitchell, Cyril Rioli.
NM Drew Petrie, Andrew Swallow.
RIC Trent Cotchin, Brett Deledio, Ivan Maric, Jack Riewoldt.
STK Sean Dempster, Lenny Hayes, Stephen Milne, Nick Riewoldt.
SYD Kieren Jack, Lewis Jetta, Josh Kennedy, Ted Richards.
WCEDean Cox, Darren Glass, Nic Naitanui, Beau Waters


Do you agree with the 6pr Footy Team?












Tom Atkinson



B:     Glass Mcpharlin Waters

HB: Deledio Richards Birchall

C:     Swan Kennedy Cotchin

HF:  Beams Franklin Dangerfield

F:    Milne Pavlich  Cox

R:  Jacobs Ablett Watson

Ben Jack Pendles Thompson Rioli


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  • B: Glass Mcpharlin Richards

    HB: Deledio Taylor Dangerfield

    C: Beams Sawn Cotchin

    HF: Selwood Pavlich Franklin

    F: Rioli Hawkins Betts

    R: Cox Watson Ablett

    Interchange: Naitanui Kennedy Thompson Swallow

    aaron willoughby Monday 10 September, 2012 - 7:37 AM

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