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Anchovy butter



Anchovy butter


Butter 1kg


Garlic cloves100 g


Anchovy dried100 g


Dijon mustard 50 g


Red chilies 2


Thyme fresh 20g


Parsley Italian chopped fresh 2g


Black pepper cracked fresh 10g

5 g




       Cut the butter into small pieces and allow to soften to room temperature

       With the rest of the ingredients except the fresh chopped parsley place in food processer and whiz to a smooth paste

       If no food processor mortar pestle the ingredients to a fine paste v

       Add the anchovy mixture to the room temp butter and mix thoroughly

       Theses prawns can be sauté in a hot frying pan or roasted in a hot oven , in the frying pan add prawns to hot pan with a small                amount of olive oil and seal quickly on each side , then a splash of wine , add the butter keep stirring until the butter has melted int        a sauce with the wine, add the fresh chopped parsley and serve with some lemon wedges


      If roasting in the oven 200 degrees is the desired heat , place prawns on oven tray and top with the anchovy butter , place in oven         for 7 to 8 minutes and remove , place prawns on a platter and add the chopped fresh [parsley to the butter in the roasting tray and          mix together , then pour over the prawns serve with lemons