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9 Day Trips to Kalgoorlie to be won, thanks to Skywest.

Click here to win a trip to Kalgoorlie with 6PR & Skywest.

To celebrate Skywest’s twice daily weekday jet services to Kalgoorlie from July 2, listen to Breakfast (Monday June 25 to Friday July 5 2012 Inclusive) and you and a friend could be joining Steve Mills as Kalgoorlie Day Trippers.


On Friday July 6, Steve will host 9 couples on a tour of Australia’s Golden Outback with Kalgoorlie Tours and Charters. There’s a Super Pit tour, lunch at the historic Broad Arrow Tavern, beer tasting at the Beaten Track Brewery and plenty of time to have a look at Western Australia’s Remarkable Golden Mile.


For your chance to be one of nine Kalgoorlie Day Trippers Listen to Steve Mills for Breakfast on 6PR.


Click here for competition Terms & Conditions


Visit www.skywest.com.au to view Skywest’s new flight schedule to Kalgoorlie.

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