Fighting for a fighter: Three year-old Kira is fighting Leukaemia.

Fighting for a fighter: Three year-old Kira is fighting Leukaemia.

More to the Miz than meets the eye

The Miz VIDEO The WWE put on a great show for the WWE Universe in Perth at the Perth Arena on Saturday night.

Staying Cool: Erin Gray

Gray Erin Gray was lively when retelling her stories from the set of Buck Rogers of the 25th Century, but as we found out her endless energy may be due to her love for T'ai Chi.

WA goes darts crazy

a Day One of the Perth Darts Masters has wrapped up with Phil 'The Power' Taylor and Simon 'The Wizard' Whitlock winning their legs in front of a sold out Challenge Stadium.

MythBuster Grant Imahara

Grant Imahara MythBusters' Grant Imahara was in Perth for Supernova 2014 and joined 6PR to talk Star Trek and Star Wars. Find out which busted myth is his most cherished.

Battlestar Galactic's Jamie Bamber

Jamie Bamber Fresh off the set of his newest TV Series 'The Smoke', Jamie Bamber spoke about his latest film John Doe: Vigilante and his amazing ability to fake an American accent.

Western Alliance report

Western Alliance Clint "The Hammer" Hosking (10-0, 2 KO’s) defeated the durable Roy Tua Manihuruk (15-11-2, 11 KO’s) in the main event of Western Alliance at the WA Italian Club in North Perth on Saturday night.

Lazenby's last lunch with Bruce Lee

George Lazenby. Did you know George Lazenby was supposed to meet Bruce Lee for dinner the night the martial arts legend died? He also met Jimi Hendrix when the rock god began dating his ex-girlfriend.

Major Kira Nerys unmasked

Nana Visitor aka Major Kira Nerys from the Star Trek Deep Space Nine Nana Visitor who is best known to Star Trek fans as Major Kira Nerys from the Star Trek Deep Space Nine series, took time while in Perth for Oz Comic Con to speak with 882 6PR’s Brett Bonetti.

Govt stalling BMW inquiry

Premier Colin Barnett, Commerce Minister Simon O'Brien and Nationals Leader Brendon Grylls. Builders caught up in the bungled BER projects run through the office of Buildings Maintenance and Works feel it will take a death before the Premier and ministers involved will help. Paul Murray spoke to 'Geoff' a sub contractor who's owed over $400 thousand.

Barnett burying BER fiasco

WA's sub contractors are furious over the governments attitude toward the rorting of the BER program. The opposition accused the Barnett government of trying to bury problems with the handling of the BER program Until after the next election. Paul Murray spoke to opposition leader Mark McGowan who says the bungled program may have left sub contractors millions out of pocket.

O'Brien blind to Subbie pain

Simon O'Brien seems to be oblivious to the damage to business created by the state's handling of BER projects. Commerce Minister Simon O'Brien seems to have his head buried in, at very least, the sand when it comes to the impact of the failed handling of the BER money by his department. Listen here to the testimonies of several sub contractors who spoke to Paul Murray.

Police investigating BER fraud

Police are investigating 7 counts of possible fraud involving head contractors in the state run BER program. Finance Minister Simon O'Brien has admitted that police are investigating possible fraudulent statutory declarations made by head contractors involved in the Building the Education Revolution program. Paul Murray spoke to Mr O'Brien on the Morning program.

UFC smashes

Ultimate fighter Popular Mixed Martial Arts fighters, "The Hulk" and "X-Man" Lucas joined Brett Bonetti on 6PR to review the UFC series of the Ultimate Fighter - Australia vs UK: The Smashes, and provide their predictions ahead of this weekends Live Finale.

Tony's (almost) big adventure

Tony McManus's interpretation of 'Have A Go' is very loose. Click image to see video. Tony McManus has just learnt an important lesson for the future when accepting a challenge, 'Never let a false sense of ability cloud your judgement'. Watch the video here.

Video: Gypsea swimwear launch

Gypsea Swimwear Fashion designer Emma Jones and surf photographer Scott Bauer have combined their considerable talents to create Gypsea fashion. Gypsea is a series of swimwear that more wearable art then bikini.

Video: James Reyne Acoustic

james rayne James Reyne, front man for 80's rock band 'Australian Crawl', told Tony McManus he didn't really know what he was doing but people liked it. In Perth for selected shows Reyne showed he now knows exactly what he is doing.

VIDEO: Rage against the machine

Sandringham Cellars owner Aldo in his 'Person Power' confrontation with a front-end loader. A Liquor store owner has held a Tiananmen Square-esque protest to stop a Front-end loader from entering his property to dump road building material. Sandringham Cellars owner Aldo says since Great Eastern Hwy road works began his trade has dropped 43%.

Krzysztof Wlodarczyk interview

Polish boxer Krzysztof Wlodarczyk is in Australia for his Novemeber 30 bout with Danny Green. Polish boxer Krzysztof Wlodarczyk is head down and guard up in preparation for his Novemeber 30 bout with Danny Green. Polish TV caught up with Krysztof at a kangaroo sanctuary and spoke about his preparation.

Classic to pit mate against mate

Riders Simon Stead and Nicolai Klindt with Michael Carter. VIDEO: Good mates, and top European Speedway riders, Simon Stead and Nicolai Klindt say there won't be any favours at this Saturday's Rob Woffinden classic. The pair told 6PR online the tight Pinjar Park track will leave no room for error.

Bikies angry at new laws

United Motorcycle Council of WA spokesmen Duff (left) Doylie (right). Spokespeople for the United Motorcycle Council of WA have voiced their concerns over the states proposed anti-association laws. Doylie (Club Deroes) and Duff (Gypsy Jokers) told Paul Murray everyone should be worried about the laws.

"Planking" for laughs, not thrills

Planking is just for laughs not for risk taking says alleged creator Matt Fernandez Lisa Barnes tracked down Matt Fernandez who claims to have started the craze of "Planking" and spoke to him while she herself "Planked" Matt said "Planking" was never about thrill seeking but getting people to laugh.

Green a stepping stone

Krzysztof Wlodarczyk respects Danny Green but doesn't fear him. Cruiser weight boxing champion Krzysztof Wlodarczyk has told 6PR online, fighting in Perth has inspired him and he has no fear of Danny Green. Wlodarcyzk, speaking through an interpreter, said Green will be one of his last fights as a Cruiser weight.

Two minute masterpiece

Creating award winning art in 2 minutes is child play for Brad Blaze. Brad Blaze is a gifted artist who doesn't keep his public waiting for his next masterpiece. Tony McManus spoke to the talented artist about his charity event in Perth. Watch the video of Brad creating a caricature of Rod Tiley here.

Protestors challenge police

Demonstrators have faced off against police in a peaceful but fiery protest. VIDEO: Protestors, lead by activist Seamus Doherty, have stood toe to toe with police and challenged their right to exclude them from restricted areas. Watch the video and see the challenge of the protestors.

The Angels 6PR online only

The Angels live in studio for an online exclusive concert. Legend Rock & Roll band 'The Angels', fronted by Dave Gleeson from the 'Screaming Jets', have given an exclusive online performance for 6PR. This performance includes their new single 'Waiting for the Sun'

Video: Great White off Rotto

shark Vision from a WA Fisheries underwater camera clearly showing a Great White shark cruising off Rottnest Island. The large sharke cruises past the camera stationed at a popular dive spot called Cathedral Rocks two weeks ago..

'The Rock' & 'Big Daddy'

Friday night's results will set Daniel Dawson and Lucas Brown up for a big 2012. Daniel 'The Rock' Dawson and Lucas 'Big Daddy' Brown are two fighters on the cusp of boxing's big time . In a 6PR online only interview they attribute that success in part to their backgrounds in Muay Thai and MMA respectively.

Video: Augusta bushfire

Nannup bushfire Aerial vision of the fires in the Nannup area that were threatening property, including homes on Malloy Island, over the weekend. DEC are still working in the area to contain the blaze.

Video: SW fire threat

FESA Video shot by a South West resident showing the huge plume of smoke from the fire ripping throught he Margaret River-Augusta region.

VIDEO: Christchurch Earthquake

Aerial Vision of Earthquake devastation courtesy of VIDEO: Christchurch Earthquake

Video: Helicopter crash

A helicopter has been destroyed when a good plan went wrong in Auckland. A helicopter has crash in New Zealand while trying to erect a 26-metre high Christmas tree in Auckland harbour. The pilot, Greg Gribble, escaped serious injury after the crash near the Auckland Viaduct. The attempt was being broadcast live on the internet.

I'm living in a 'Hell hole'

A mother of 3 is trapped in a Department of Housing home she wouldn't let a dog stay in. A mother of three has had to endure 18 months of living in a home that her eldest child, Willis, took his own life because the Department of Housing's failure to help. Paul Murray spoke to Janina about her treatment at the hands of Housing Bureaucrats.

Minister shamed in to action

Housing Minister, Troy Buswell, refuses to accept there are problems with his department. After an emotional appeal on 6PR, Janina Thorne's 4 year ordeal at the hands of the Department of Housing has finally ended. Paul Murray spoke to the Housing Minister, Troy Buswell, who complimented the department on the handling of the single mother's case.

Whistleblower exposes Dept.

A whistleblower has millions have been wasted on the new housing maintence contract. A whistleblower from the Department of Housing has come forward to expose the spiralling problems with the privatisation of the maintanence budget. 'Sarah' spoke exclusively to 6PR to detail how the Head Contractor System has failed.

New 'Housing' whistle blower

Another whistle blower from the Department of Housing has spoke to the Morning program. A second whistle blower from the Department of Housing has supported allegations that the new head contractor model is failing and costing millions of tax payers dollars. 'Mary', a twenty year veteran of the department spoke to Paul Entwistle.

Fraud claims in Dept Housing

The state opposition is calling for a CCC investigation in to the Department of Housings maintenance contract. New documents supplied to 6PR from within the Department of Housing have detailed clearly fraudulent claims being made by the head maintenance contract. Paul Murray spoke to opposition spokesperson Peter Tinley about his move for a CCC inquiry.

Prison labour at Fiona Stanley?

Serco look set to use prison labour at Fiona Stanley Hospital as a cost saving measure. Sources from the Department of Corrective Services have revealed Serco plan to use prison labour from Rangview Prison at Fiona Stanley Hospital. Paul Murray spoke to Corrective Services Minister Terry Redman about the revelation.

Prisoner transport under fire

A whistleblower has raised serious safety questions over prison transports in WA. A Corrective Services whistleblower has come forward to describe a litany of problems with private company SERCO's delivery of the prisoner transport contract. 'Tom' spoke to 6PR's Paul Entwistle about major problems plaguing WA's prisons.

SERCO in second patient drama

SERCO has transported a second heart bypass patient despite penalties for an identical incident last year. 6PR's investigation in to the transport of prisoners by SERCO has uncovered a second open heart patient was moved by prison van after surgery. Sandra told 6PR of her husband's treatment and the subsequent medical problems including infection.

Facts catch minister out

Corrective Services Minister, Terry Redman, has been caught out by a leaked report to 6PR. The Corrective Services Minister has been caught out after a leaked report to 6PR proved his testimony on the transport of heart patients was wrong. The report obtained by Paul Entwistle reinforced that information from a whistleblower and family members was correct.

Buswell wants more reports

Troy Buswell admits there has been no savings from the new housing maintenance contract. Housing Minister, Troy Buswell, says the KPMG audit in to the Department of Housing needs to be further refined before he comments on its findings. Paul Murray spoke to Mr Buswell about the audit and asked if the minister would axe the contract or not.

FESA and your ESL money

ESL monies How has your Emergency Services Levy Money been spent since the introduction of the scheme under the FESA administration? We look at the figures and the problems. Should there be an investigation in to FESA?

$120 million for 1 fire station

A 6PR investigation has unearthed raised a question of ESL money and its use by FESA in Stirling A 6PR investigation has discovered that after contributing $120 million via the Emergency Services Levy the City of Stirling has a reduced fire fighting capacity. In 8 years FESA has closed two fire station in the area and reduced funding to the SES unit.

Smart Arts

Paul Silbert Discover great ideas to fill your weekend here with Smart Arts.

Gas Massacre Images

The images contained in this report are distressing and viewers who are easily upset are advised not to proceed with viewing the gallery below.

I thought the dream had past

tendai-172 Fremantle utility Tendai Mzungu thought his AFL dream had passed him by several years ago. Now he has the chance to become a premiership player. Mzungu and team mates are just one game away from creating their own piece of AFL histroy.

Special Event Web Cam

6PR Special Event Camera 6PR's special event web cam is designed to bring you all of the action from events that 6PR broadcasts from outside of the studio. So if you want to see what we see from the outside broadcast venue just click the link and enjoy the show.




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